Yes on Issue 1: Bulletin Inserts

We are called to stand with those who are sick and those in prison (Matthew 25).

Issue 1 will help get more people into treatment instead of incarceration. By focusing and investing on treatment, we can help those struggling with addiction.

Issue 1 will also reward individuals who are incarcerated with incentives to complete rehabilitation, education, counseling, and other programs that reduce rates of recidivism. Prison is expensive and Issue One promotes good stewardship of our shared community resources. Our prisons are not equipped with the tools or structures to provide people the treatment they need.

We are one in God (Galatians 3:28).

Harsh prison sentences for low-level, non-violent offenders results in high levels of incarceration based on economics and race. African Americans and low-income individuals are most likely to receive the harshest sentences while others receive treatment and diversion programs. Issue 1 is a step to make treatment options available for more Ohioans who are struggling. Felony convictions plagued families for years to come - as a barrier to housing, employment and education.

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