2 Cents-A-Meal

A Spiritual Discipline to Reduce Hunger

Within our congregations and communities, we are constantly collecting food, clothes, cash, and other donations to help meet the needs of those struggling to get by. Micah 6:8 reminds us that works of mercy are not enough, but we are also called to do justice, and look at the causes and solutions to poverty and hunger.

Prayers, Pennies, and Policy

To solve hunger, we all must continue to pray, and to open our hearts and ears to God calling us to be agents of mercy, love, and justice in the world.

For every two pennies placed in a jar, donate one penny to a ministry of mercy and one penny to a ministry of justice.

Every time we sit down to eat, as a family or congregation, we are thankful for the food in front of us. We can expand the table to others by giving "2 Cents-a-Meal," the simple giving practice of placing a couple pennies (or any monetary donation) into a container in the middle of the table. Then, divide the money in half on a monthly basis, and donate half toward ministries of mercy – such as a local food pantry – and half toward ministries of justice, like the Hunger Network in Ohio. This practice can also be done in congregations since we come regularly to the Lord’s Table during worship.

The money collected by Hunger Network will be used to educate policymakers about the causes of hunger and poverty in our communities and seek commonsense policy solutions.

Further Action:

Have you or your organization collected donations through "2 Cents-a-Meal" that you'd like to donate to Hunger Network in Ohio? Please donate here.

For further information on practicing "2 Cents-a-Meal," please contact us.