“When I was sick you cared for me, when I was in prison, you visited me" ~ Matthew 25:36

As a community, we are called by scripture to stand with those who are sick and those in prison. Through Issue 1, we can improve opportunities for those dealing with the disease of addiction and help those who are in prison have the opportunities needed for rehabilitation and restoration.

The Hunger Network in Ohio Endorses Issue 1!


Issue 1 will:

  • Create incentives for rehabilitation while in prison

  • Reduce prison overcrowding

  • Invest in addiction treatment

Issue 1 is a ballot initiative that will recognize that addiction is a healthcare issue. For far too long, we have locked up people for low-level, non-violent drug offenses instead of getting them the treatment they need. After release, the conviction is a yolk around their neck and a barrier to employment, housing, and education.

As people of faith, we believe in healing and transformation. Our current criminal justice system is focused on punishment, not rehabilitation. Issue 1 creates incentives for people to complete education, addiction treatment, counseling, and to take other rehabilitative steps that are proven to reduce the likelihood of recidivism.

There is neither jew nor greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in christ jesus
~ Galatians 3:28

As people of faith, we believe all people are welcomed, especially those on the margins. For far too long, we have waged a war on drugs that has been ineffective. The result of harsh sentences and mandatory minimums locks up African Americans and those struggling with poverty. As people of faith, we need to support policies that will address these inequities.

Issue 1 will re-orient us toward healthy communities, by focusing on treatment for those who struggle with addiction and not long periods of incarceration. Issue 1 will allow our criminal justice system to focus on the dealers who exploit our communities for profit.

As people of faith, we believe in treatment. Issue 1 will redirect state resources toward treatment programs instead of incarceration. Issue 1 will likely result in over $100 million in savings to be used to help people learn to deal with addiction and get back on their feet.

As people of faith, we encourage you to support issue 1!

Trying to respond to others arguments against issue 1? Click here for more information!