Thoughts and Prayers

To be honest, I didn’t even register the shooting in Texas on Saturday. I heard about it and dismissed it. Sandyhook was my breaking point. When we refused to act after that shooting, I became desensitized to shootings.

But this one hit home… Ohio.

I have preached in Dayton, visit friends in Dayton, ate meals in Dayton.

This shooting was literally close enough to home that I paid attention to it. Nine people were shot and killed in Dayton Ohio late Saturday night/Early Sunday morning in another mass shooting.

As a person of faith, I hear all the time about the importance of prayer, and sadly I think we have confused God with the Genie in the lamp.

God is not a Genie! Prayer is not a wish that we hope God will answer correctly. Instead prayer should -

…Quiet us

…Open us

…Inspire us

…and drive us into the world to do God’s holy work.

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich recently said, “Prayer without action doesn’t matter”. I agree Governor. It is time to march in the streets, to call our legislators and DEMAND action.

Through common sense reforms we can limit the number of high capacity magazines available so that 9 people are not killed in 30 seconds. Common sense reforms can create background checks and waiting periods before guns are bought and sold. We can also stop the sale of weapons designed for war int the hands of people on the street. And the most important idea is probably one that hasn’t been thought of yet, because our legislators are too scared to take action.

Next time an elected official says they offer their thoughts and prayers, ask them - as a person of faith- how God responded to their prayer. What did God call on them to do. God responds to prayer with direction for us to take action.

Prayer is an active step that is important, but we can no longer allow it to stop there. It is time for action.


Watch former Ohio Governor John Kasich discuss the need for people to march in the streets instead of offering thoughts and prayers.