Farm Bill Moves Forward with Bi-partisan Compromise


People of faith rejoice that the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have reached an agreement on a Farm bill that will not cause more Ohioans to experience hunger. The Senate passed the legislation on Tuesday with overwhelming bi-partisan support and the House is expected to follow suite.

We encourage both chambers to pass, and President Trump to sign, the compromise bill. The farm bill isn’t just about helping those struggling to make ends meet, but about building up a food system that works for all of us.

“Despite the out pouring of charity at this time of year from our congregations, we cannot replace the impact of SNAP on our communities,” Says Nick Bates Director of the Hunger Network. “When we pray, ‘give us this day our daily bread' we take that as a call to action. We can’t do it without SNAP.”

The Farm Bill is federal legislation that includes nutrition assistance, foreign assistance, environmental programs, and the farm safety net. We need to steward what God has given to us in air, water, and soil, so that all may have the nutrition we need not only to survive but to thrive.