US hunger drops 10%, no time for complacency

Hunger is down. Let us rejoice and be glad with it!

The United States Government reported last week that 1.6 million fewer families experienced hunger in 2015 than 2014. That is a drop of about 10% from 14% of US families experiencing hunger down to 12.7%. Wages are finally starting to grow in our economy, job growth continues upward, and many more children are participating in school breakfast programs.

Well Done Faithful Servants, Well Done. 

But, in the Gospel of Luke Jesus tells a couple stories about lost sheep and lost coins. What shepherd would leave 99 sheep to go after 1? What woman would spend more money to find a lost coin than the value of the coin? The decisions of the shepherd and the woman are not logical, they are frankly being irresponsible by most standards. 

When God says don't leave anyone behind, God means it. 

As hunger rates decline, we must be cautious of complacency toward those who remain hungry. We must make sure that our elected officials and congregations continue to prioritize those who are hungry. 

12.7% household hunger rate is better than 14%, but it is not 0%. As the hands and feet of God we still have work to do. As long as one person in our community is struggling with hunger, people of faith are called to stand alongside, accompany, and advocate to end hunger in our community.