HB 390: Quick Evictions

HB 390: Quick Evictions

The Hunger Network in Ohio stands in opposition to shortening the timeline of evictions through the inclusion of weekends and holidays in the calculation of days.While we all value an unambiguous process, it does not need to come at the expense of fairness. As outlined in the LSC Analysis of this bill, notice provided on a Thursday should lead to a ling, at earliest Tuesday, but ideally even later than that.

Responding to critics: Issue 1

There are many people speaking publicly against issue 1. They are saying things that cause fear and doubt over issue 1. The reality is that changing our system is hard for a lot of people and institutions who have been involved with it for so long. But the status quo doesn’t make our communities safe or healthy. Issue 1 seeks to fix that.

See below for some helpful ways to respond to the common arguments against issue 1.

They say - Ohio will be a haven for drug dealers

Issue 1 addresses low-level, non-violent drug possession charges. Those who are exploiting our communities for profit will still be charged to the fullest extent of the law. We need to save the beds in our prisons for those who seek harm, not those who have been harmed. Issue 1 will allow us to provide the treatment we need.

They say - You can kill thousands of people and not go to jail with fentanyl.

Drug dealers seek to exploit those who are most vulnerable in our communities. Even small amounts of fentanyl will still be classified as felonies and result in those who do harm going to prison.

They say - This doesn’t belong in the Constitution

The Legislature, the Governor, the Attorney General, and many others have failed to act to address our criminal justice system inadequacies and shortcomings. In their failure to act, Ohio citizens designed an Ohio solution. Even the outgoing Director of Ohio’s prisons recently said that he regrets the explosion in prison population.

They say - What about another idea?

The Legislature and political leaders have had years to fix the problem of an unjust justice system and they have ignored it. All of a sudden, they have new ideas. People need treatment today.



The Hunger Network in Ohio encourages communities of faith to vote YES on Issue 1 this November. As people of faith, we believe that those who are sick should be cared for, not punished. We believe in redemption and restoration of people who are struggling. Re-orienting our drug policies toward treatment over incarceration will make Ohio communities healthy and safe.

House Passes Budget (Updated)

House Passes Budget (Updated)

As people of faith, we value a budget that will help guarantee everyone 'their daily bread'. As Luther describes in his Small Catechism, this means that people should have access to the basic necessities of life. We need a state budget that promotes good health, access to food, a quality education, and safe communities.