Contact Your Legislators

Ohio Budget is under debate

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Invest to solve problems

Ohio legislators have until June 30 to craft a $150+ billion, 2 year state budget that will invest in reliable roads, strong schools, and healthy communities. Write AND CALL your legislator and let them you want them to invest -$30 million into anti hunger programs
- A refundable Earned Income Tax Credit
- Expand the Ohio Housing Trust Fund
- An equitable school funding formula.


With a political divide in Congress…

The Trump administration is looking toward executive orders and administrative rules to change policy. However the House and Senate still can exercise their oversight to stop changes.



Write a comment to stop harmful rule changes:
Congress reauthorized SNAP funding in the federal farm bill last year without major cuts to the program in a bi-partisan fashion. The Trump administration is proposing changes through administrative rules that will adopt policy changes that the House and Senate did not agree on last year. Our friends at the ELCA drafted an opportunity for people of faith to weigh in here! The US Department of Agriculture is accepting public comment on this rule change and you are encouraged to send your comments today!



Action Item coming soon:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced that they will rescind rules passed to offer consumer protections across the states. These protections were put on hold and never fully implemented by the CFPB, but lending institutions were signaling their willingness to offer new, less predatory, options to comply with the rule. Instead of fair products for consumers, predatory and exploitative loans will remain the norm.

* Banner photo courtesy of Pastor Aaron Layne